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Dark Humour: My saving Grace

Her lips were smiling, you hear her giggling at silly things, she makes short, to the point jokes that make everyone around laugh or smile. Do you have that friend? That one person that is the funny one, but not just funny, she has a biting, sarcastic, edgy sense of humor that flows with such ease and grace that it’s hard to tell if she is really joking or serious. While enjoying her company and feeling at ease, having a good old laugh, have you ever looked into her eyes? Really looked into her eyes, her mouth smiles and laughs, but her eyes might be telling a different story. She could be a perfectly happy, jolly friend or there might be a lot going beneath the surface.

Humour is a brief and fleeting joy in life that can break many barriers.  It is a great tool, a saving grace, many people who suffer with a variety of mental illnesses chose to use humour as a way to make things around them feel more jovial than they truly feel on the inside. If the world around you looks better than you feel inside there is some balance to life. Imagine if you were on a sinking ship in stormy weather, and all you see for that moment is that you going to die! And then suddenly you see land ahead and you sigh a breath of relief forgetting that you still need to figure out how to get there without dying. This is what it feels like to live with depression but use humour as a defense, you feel like you constantly drowning but when you have the power to bring smiles to people around you, you realise that there is some hope out there and you have some, little power over your mind, you good for something, if you can’t find joy yourself at least you can bring it to others, but you still don’t know how to get yourself out of the dark. It’s momentary hope.

Maybe that’s why there is such joy in a childs laugh or smile, the innocence of a child reflects that their laughter and smiles are genuine and untainted. It takes us back to a time were laughter came easily and joyously, a time were the world was simpler and the mind untainted. A child’s smile is the ultimate hope that you will smile that way at some point, even if just briefly, for a fleeting moment, you would love to feel the joy and innocence of a child’s smile.

Why dark humour though? Perhaps because it is the hope that even in the darkness we can find hope. The edging, biting humour can be used as a way to let out frustrations of the mind while simultaneously bringing smiles and laughs to others, in personal experience this humour works best with true friends, others might become offended by it. There is nothing more comforting then being around close friends were you don’t have to monitor every word that comes out of your mouth, personally this is how one knows that they in the company of true friends.

My true friends love me despite my dead soul, sometimes even because of it, because it makes me who I am. It shaped me in many ways. What has shaped you? How do you stand out from the crowd or what makes you just like everyone else? So many things we think we experience in isolation are in fact experienced by many, reach out and find a way forward.


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