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The Burden

She stared down at the little creature in front of her. She dreamed of this for so long, but now it changed everything. The pink, gooey little thing coiled its fingers and stared at her. Her heart bled as she stared back. What should she do with this little clump of life? Her heart hurt, afraid of what impact this creature with have on her life, afraid of what impact she would have in the creatures’ life. For a moment she wanted to run, just run and leave this to be someone else’s problem. But an invisible string jolted her back to reality, and she knew she should stay. So many problems she could run from before, but this was not one of them. Now she had entered a sacred sanctuary, now she was a mother. She did not dare think what would happen if she failed, like so many before her had. She picked up the sticky creature, and it buried its head in her chest, she felt at ease with this, as if it was saying all would be okay, as if it knew.

“Angelina darling,” a soft feminine voice called from the clouds, “You have birthed your soul, nourish it and it will nourish you, you will know what to do.”

Angelina held her soul in her hands, cradled between her bosoms. This is where she shaped a life before sending it to earth. This is where she created good or evil. How would she know what to do? What if the creature sensed the darkness in her, what if the creature wanted to feed off her anxiety? Why did Relphina think she was ready for this task? Does one not have to clean their heart before shaping a soul? At least Angelina had just one soul to nourish, Leilani in pod 14 was nourishing five souls with ease and grace, two of them were almost ready to release to earth. Angelina walked past pod 14 and peeped in the window all the while caressing her creature. Four cribs lay side by side, sticky creatures with big, black globs for eyes stared out. Leilani, bless her gentle heart, sat beside the crib, the most beautiful melody released from her mouth.

“O my creature hear my song, O my creature hear it well. One day Mother Leilani will release you home, and on this time you will dwell. Life will fill you with such measures, but in it you will find your treasures. Hear this song in your soul, hear this song in your heart. For one day we shall soon part, and goodness shall erode your path.”

Leilani was a natural, Angelina did not have this confidence. For a brief minute she wanted to leave her burden at Leilani’s door and run. Again she could not do it. She held her creature to her heart, looked into the globs of it’s eyes and whispered, “I hope I do you well.”